Pine Hill Village Rules & Regulations

Rules: Tenant must comply with Landlord’s Rules. Landlord need not enforce Rules against other Tenants. Landlord is not liable to Tenant if another tenant violates these Rules. Tenant receives no rights under these Rules.

A. The use or storage of gasoline and/or similar combustibles in or about the Apartment is strictly prohibited.

B. Children are not to play or be unnecessarily noisy in halls, roofs, entrances, stairways, fire escapes, basements, or parking lots.

C. In consideration of others, residents and their guests are not to make any disturbing noise at any time before 9AM or after 10PM. Singing, playing of musical instruments, or loud operation of television set, radio or stereo is not permitted if disturbing to other residents or neighbors.

D. No unnecessary noise or boisterous conduct is permitted at any time.

E. No sign, advertisement, notice, door plate or other similar device shall be inscribed, painted, engraved or fixed to any part of the outside or inside of the Apartment.

F. Glue, tape, adhesives, nails, tacks, brads, or screws shall not be driven into walls, floors, doors, cabinets or ceilings of the Apartment, nor shall there be any boring or marring of the above areas. Approved picture hangers and curtain rod holders may be installed in drywall or plaster walls, only as normal and customarily accepted.

G. Tenant(s) is responsible for replacement of batteries for all smoke detectors in leased premises.

H. Tenant(s) is responsible for all light bulbs including appliance bulbs (i.e., refrig/range).

I. No personal property of any description is to be placed on or permitted to remain on the lawns, steps, porches, balconies, and stairs or hung from windows.

J. Locks may not be changed nor additional locks put on any doors without the written permission of the Landlord. The Landlord will be given duplicate keys for all so installed, prior to the installation, at the Tenant’s expense.

K. Drying of clothes on the outside of the Apartment, balconies, or porches is not permitted.

L. Residents and/or guests are not permitted to exceed a speed of ten (10) miles per hour on the driveway or parking areas.

M. No outside aerials or Satellite installation are permitted on building.

N. No resident shall use any part of a parking area for the purpose of repairing or washing any vehicle, or as dead storage for a vehicle or object. All vehicles must be in operating condition and have all current state inspections and registrations. Any vehicle not conforming will be removed from premises at the owner’s expense.

O. Tenant will park on paved parking areas only, with a limit of two (2) vehicles per Apartment. Tenant will not park trucks, campers, or other vehicles on premises without the prior written permission of the Landlord.

P. Children must be under adult supervision at all times.

Q. No cats or dogs allowed at Pine Hill Village at any time.

R. No bedding material containing water is permitted.

S. Landlord’s normal maintenance hours are from 9AM to 4PM Monday through Friday.

T. Landlord has the right to change the rules and regulations, at any time, to maintain the safety and well-being of the residents of Pine Hill Village.

U. All trash should be placed in a sealed bag and be properly disposed of into a dumpster. At no time should there be trash outside of residence. Maintenance may dispose of trash properly, and tenant shall be charged for a service call.

V. The Landlord may evict for ANY CRIMINAL ACTIVITY by Tenant, any member of Tenant’s household, a guest or any other person under the Tenant’s control, including but not limited to drug abuse, alcohol abuse, or any act of violent nature.

W. Absolutely no use of fire pits on the premises of any residence at Pine Hill Village.

X. Outdoor cooking grills must be situated at least 10 feet from the exterior rear of building.